CASL: The New Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation

CASLBy Hessie Jones

What’s going to turn the communications industry upside down in Canada and beyond?

CASL: The New Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation that takes effect July 1, 2014.

I’ve worked in the direct marketing industry since the early 90′s so I am aware of proper list building, proper opt-in, and disclosure on owned lists as well as purchased lists.

Then when email came along, permission marketing brought yet another level of complexity that marketers had to adhere to. [Read more...]

Seven Ways a Marketing Plan Benefits Your Business

Seven Ways a Marketing Plan Benefits Your BusinessBy Lisa Fulmer

I meet so many small business owners who tell me they don’t have a marketing plan in place. They know how valuable marketing is in general, and they put some marketing efforts out there, but inevitably they feel like they really need to spend all their time on operations and sales.

These business owners aren’t sure they have time to develop an effective marketing plan when they can barely find the time to put together a quick flyer when they need one.

I totally understand how the day-to-day activities involved in running a business can make you wish there were more hours in a day. The irony is you can actually save time with a marketing plan in place, because you are operating more proactively rather than always running around in reactive mode. Mapping out a plan also means you can more easily hand off the work of implementing it to somebody else.

Better time management is just one perk of a marketing plan?áhere are seven additional ways a marketing plan can benefit your business. [Read more...]