Email Marketing: A Street Level Analysis

email marketingBy Clay Morgan

When I served as publisher of a newspaper, we used email marketing, in the form of newsletters, to help highlight key stories and drive traffic.

The “top 5 stories” newsletter was our most popular.

It was sent out daily and contained the five most popular links of the day.

We also had email newsletters for sports, lifestyles, real estate, food, and a number of other topics. [Read more...]

How FeedBlitz Can Replace Traditional Email Service Providers

JessToday’s guest post is by Jess Ostroff.

Email is still one of the most powerful marketing tools out there, and we don’t take its impact lightly at Convince & Convert.

With a daily newsletter of over 20,000 subscribers, and a blog editorial calendar that includes new posts at least five days a week, it’s important we deliver quality, timely information to our subscribers.

Our decision to move from Feedburner to FeedBlitz several months ago was driven by the needs of our subscribers.

As you’ll see, our latest migration and redesign mirrors this process. [Read more...]