Tamar Weinberg Interview: The Future for Bloggers

Tamar Weinberg is a long-standing maestro at blogging. She writes at Techipedia and is an online marketing strategy and SEO expert. We discussed what the future holds for bloggers and the changes she sees coming up.

Tamar Weinberg

Tamar Weinberg (Photo credit: Tamar Weinberg)

What are the Best Ways to Monetize your blog?

Adsense – I think it’s a good way to monetize one’s blog and definitely worth doing. For someone who’s a beginner there’s a great article worth reading by Daniel Scocco called 28 ways to monetize your website. It is one of those easy things to do?áit’s easy to set up.

I recommend that you have a lot of content on your blog, and an audience, then add Adsense later – you can make a lot of money because it’s contextual.

I use AdSense on photo generated sites – and it works there too.

A word of warning, if you have AdSense on your site – don’t click on your own ads – I have people who have have been banned from it as a result of this. It’s too easy for Google to track your IP address.

Feed Advertising

Adsense for Feeds – that’s interesting – someone like me who has been using advertising for a long time but the CTR of RSS is lower than that of banner ads.

It’s not great – if you want that extra income source it’s an inconvenience. There is an opportunity for FeedBlitz to jump in and reach people offering a monetizable RSS solution. [Thanks, Tamar, we did]

The CTR is low but it’s your choice – there is a CTR. If you are going to offer it it shouldn’t be your sole focus. Go more for on site adverts than RSS.

What is the Future for Feedburner?

I think that it sucks Google did what they did to withdraw the RSS advertising opportunity. It sucks for the publishers. It was a good product that was completely neglected. If there was someone with the passion and the team support to do it, I think it could be revived. It went in the garbage because no one was able to resuscitate and make it happen. That’s a sore point for everyone who’s involved in the space.

I think the creator must be upset.

Is FeedBlitz a Good Alternative?

The concern I have is that it’s not a free service and Google had a free service – they had a lot of metrics that they didn’t generally use.

Unless there is someone who can bring it to life again with the support of Google, it’s a great opportunity for you guys to take on the big giant – and it doesn’t seem to care any more. It’s a powerful tool – it’s a great tool.

And I have my RSS feed and it’s set it and forget it.

The Future of RSS?

RSS is not ever going away – there is so much power in it. We don’t even know how integrated it is in things we use every single day. The technology is very important, it’s critical. All the more power to the person who works to make it easily digestible – and all our data is so easy to consume – it’s a must have for publishers.

We’d like to thank Tamar for this great interview, and ask you…what are your thoughts on the future for bloggers?


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