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Frustrated. Neglected. Unsupported. Outdated. Flaky. Abandoned.

We’ve heard a lot of these words used when people, just like you, tell us why they finally decided they’ve had enough of FeedBurner and switched to FeedBlitz. It’s a tough decision to reach, and – let’s be honest – probably one you’d prefer not to have to make. Yet, it seems, the time has come.

You’ve probably been with FeedBurner for years. Perhaps so long that you’ve lost your log in credentials and can’t even get in to manage your account (we can help with that, by the way). It’s a big deal to change an online relationship like this. Breaking up is hard to do.

And as you consider this, you have concerns. Top of the list: You’re worried about losing subscribers. It’s everybody’s #1 concern. You’re probably also thinking about how you’re going to make it happen without needing a degree in Computer Science, how complicated is it going to be, and who has time for this anyway?

Introducing the Free FeedBurner Migration Guide

FeedBlitz can help. And this free Guide is your starting point.

The FeedBurner Migration Guide is a step by step manual that explains in detail how to leave FeedBurner and take control of your RSS, email and social media marketing automation with FeedBlitz, the premium FeedBurner alternative.

The FeedBurner Migration Guide contains nearly 30 pages of instructions, screenshots and insight to help you make the move as quickly and easily as possible. Plus it’s fully backed by FeedBlitz’s stellar customer support – real people to help, advise and guide your migration process. It’s completely free too! All you have to do is register to get it.

Will you lose subscribers? If you follow the steps in FeedBlitz’s FeedBurner Migration Guide, nobody with a pulse who’s still interested in your content will be left behind. We promise.

Been there, Done That

Many others have been down this path before you, such as Brian Clark (a.k.a. @CopyBlogger), who said this: “We’re now with FeedBlitz. Our feed is too important to trust to a free, unsupported service from Google.”

Copyblogger moved their feed and its tens of thousands of subscribers over to FeedBlitz.

And you can, too.

Better yet, when you migrate to FeedBlitz (the only online service with both RSS feed subscriber stats like FeedBurner and comprehensive integrated email and social media marketing services), you gain more than our exceptional support.

You’ll find a wealth of new capabilities to take advantage of. Sharing via Google+ or Pinterest, for example. Mobile versions of your RSS feed. Autoresponders for Internet Marketing and drip campaigns. Better branding, smart feed truncation, SSL friendly, filters, custom fields, Facebook posting … the list goes on and on and on.

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It’s Time You Were Appreciated

So don’t stay frustrated at FeedBurner. Don’t waste any more time waiting for the support from Google that never, ever comes. Don’t leave control of your subscribers to FeedBurner, a free service that’s slowly atrophying as Google deprecates its APIs and stealthily shuts features down.

Join us, along with the other savvy online marketers like Brian at Copyblogger, who’ve already come over to a customer experience that is the exact opposite of FeedBurner’s. Wouldn’t that be a refreshing change? Big or small, shouldn’t you get the respect you deserve? Isn’t it high time you made the switch?

You’ll find you’re welcome here. Take the first step today, and sign up for your free FeedBurner Migration Guide now. With it, you can understand what’s involved. Get comfy with the idea.

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And then begin. We look forward to working with you.

Phil Hollows
Founder and CEO
FeedBlitz, LLC.