3 Time Savers to Help your Email Marketing

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If you’re like the rest of us, distractions seem to be at an all-time high.

Nothing is normal. Whether there are more people at home, you have to homeschool on top of your career, or you’re struggling with worry, everyone is busy. These circumstances zap your time, energy, and focus.

And when your attention span is spread thin, it’s hard to dedicate any time you may have towards emailing and nurturing your subscribers. But have no fear! It’s at times like this when automation and getting crafty with your content can become your best email marketing friends.

3 time and energy saving strategies to keep your email marketing active

  1. Automatically email new blog posts to your mailing lists.
    When time is short, it’s normal to debate which project to tackle: should you add a new post to your site or send an email to your mailing list? With an automated RSS to email campaign, you can do both at once.

    Once you have an automated RSS to email campaign in place, new updates to your site will automatically be emailed to your mailing list, sent on the schedule of your choice. With an automated mailing campaign, there’s no need to decide whether to create a new post or write a new email.

    You post the update to your site. We send the email for you, automatically

  2. Resending evergreen content from your website.
    Resending older content from your site is an excellent strategy to send relevant content to your subscribers, which keeps your email list engaged, while side-stepping the need to create new content.

    Even if distractions are on the rise and your attention is pulled in multiple directions, it only takes a few minutes to Edit & Resend an email from your archives or to send a new email with previously published content on your site.

    Check email my subscribers off that to-do list! ✔

    Concerned about resending content to people who may have already seen it? For starters, it’s good to remember that your open rate percentages aren’t always the same subscribers. That means, if you average 17-20% open rates on your emails, it’s not the same 17-20% on every email.

    Still hesitant about resending older content? Add a note to the top acknowledging the resend. We’d bet your list will completely understand being hard-pressed for time, themselves, and still appreciate you taking the time to reach out and provide value.

  3. Bring back archived funnels and past email challenges.
    Have you ever created any courses or challenges? When your attention span and energy are limited, there’s no better time to pull them out of the digital drawer and offer them to your subscribers.

    Make a few edits if needed, then edit or create new forms and share them with your list (or if you have multiple campaigns you’d like to run, offer options to sign up for all of them!). You can easily set up tags or custom fields – for future targeted mailings, and you’ll be well on your way to keeping your list(s) engaged and emailed.

    FeedBlitz clients can easily restart any funnel campaign at any time, sending subscribers who’ve previously completed the campaign back to the beginning. It’s also incredibly easy to clone any existing funnel campaigns to diversify your email offerings and set up campaigns powered by our sophisticated automation.

Being low on time and focus doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your email subscribers.

The three tips explored above allow you to take full advantage of the automation capabilities at your fingertips. They were created to save you time in normal circumstances, but are doubly beneficial in times of extreme stress.

In true set it and forget it fashion, you’ll be keeping your list active and engaged, to ensure they’ll still be there ready and listening when we all come out on the other side, without taking up too much of your time.

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