You create the content.

We deliver it to the world.

Email Marketing is how you connect with your market in this fast-paced, ever-changing world. Whether you’re speaking to blog followers, customers, or colleagues, you’ll find other than direct contact with these individuals, email is the most reliable form of communication. You need only an email marketing platform that is reliable and dependable for you.

The Features You Want and Need

Simplified Newsletters

Create and send beautiful, customized, responsive emails to your subscribers in a matter of minutes.

Subscriber Management

Gather, sort, tag and track your subscribers through a dynamic subscriber management dashboard.

Custom Forms

Attract potential subscribers with easy to create subscription forms in a variety of layouts.

RSS to Email

Send your blog posts automatically as they publish or choose your own sending schedule.

Email Automation

Single or multi-sequence automated funnels to increase engagement and subscriber retention.

Tagging & Segmentation

Add unlimited tags to your subscribers and use segmentation for personalized, targeted mailings.

Customization and deliverability are at the heart of what we offer.

Easily customize each step of your email marketing strategy to reflect the look, feel, and voice of your brand (Graphic Designer not required). And rest assured you're hitting send with one of the highest deliverability rates in the market.

Because what does it matter if you can't send an email that looks like you, and know it will reach your subscribers?

Advanced Analytics

Real time data available on all mailings to track the immediate and overall success of your email marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Joining with individual affiliates or participating in the FeedBlitz affiliate program is welcome.


Seamless integration with a multitude of third party applications to achieve your ultimate goals.


Monetize your mailings with our unique one-click ad insertion to diversify your income and earn with each mailing.

FeedBlitz API

Match the customization and functionality of the FeedBlitz platform to your needs by working with our API.


Delegate email marketing or account management tasks while protecting your privacy by adding users to your account.

Real people to answer your questions and provide guidance for your email marketing strategy.

Getting your word out is easy.
Getting to the inbox is hard.

In 2016, 65% of email on the internet was spam - making it no surprise that email solutions and hosting companies are working hard to keep your emails out of customer inboxes. It's more critical now than ever to get your email delivered, and know which campaigns are working to get the reactions you want and know when to follow up.

RSS Feed Services to make your feed more dynamic, bring the conversation into the feed, and take it to higher standards with tracking, analytics, monetization and more with FeedBlitz RSS Feed Management.

Reporting & Analytics

Integrated Comments & Related Posts

Simple Migration

One-Click Feed Monetization

Enterprise Management & SLAs

Podcast Tracking & Integration

If you are interested in an account for your RSS feed(s) only, or a Feedburner alternative, please continue reading here for our pricing and terms of service.

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