An image of a compass pointing towards the word opportunity.

Every email sent, every update that goes live, is an opportunity.

Our Philosophy

Merriam-Webster defines opportunity as “a favorable juncture of circumstances” and “a good chance for advancement or progress.” FeedBlitz’s purpose is to deliver opportunities both for you and to you.

Opportunities present a choice. A choice you must intentionally take or decide to leave.

And at their core, opportunities are uniquely individual, but they all have the potential to lead you to something different, something more. More connection. More freedom. More growth. More happiness. More sales. More options. More security.

When you’re ready to embrace an opportunity, we’ll be there with the right tools to empower you.

Our Mission

FeedBlitz is an email marketing and RSS feed platform created to help you connect, grow, expand, and sell at any level.

The features and capabilities we provide open the door for you to embrace your opportunities and potential new ones such as:

  • Growing your audience without limitations.
  • Connecting with your community as often as you’d like, worry-free.
  • Earning revenue in ways that suit you best, whether from selling products, being an affiliate, or using ads in your emails.

We support and implement the highest standards of email marketing. Reliability, reputation, and risk-reduction are core values that support this mission, enabling your success. And as part of achieving that goal, we hold all our clients to the same high-quality standards - giving your emails the best possible opportunity to reach your reader’s inbox.

You have the courage to wonder, “Is this even possible?” and we have the platform to say “Yes, and here’s how.”

Your success is our success, and that’s a fundamental part of the FeedBlitz philosophy.

Our History

It started with a bounced email and the search for a better solution.

Back in 2003, FeedBlitz’s founder, Phil Hollows, needed help with the RSS to email service he was using for a corporate blog. However, when that email to their support mailbox bounced, Phil knew he needed an alternative, and fast. Unfortunately, there was only one small problem: That solution didn’t exist. And so FeedBlitz was born.

What started as a simple solution for a supported RSS to email service nearly 20 years ago has evolved into a robust online marketing provider supporting both email marketing and RSS feeds. Proudly having one of the industry’s highest standards of deliverability and one of the highest deliverability rates out there, we’re continuously developing new features and capabilities to support your online presence with the reliability and flexibility our diverse client base has come to depend on.

Our People

FeedBlitz is a fully remote company based in the United States. Founded by an immigrant, our employees live across the country, with a wide variety of employment, economic, and cultural backgrounds. We embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion as core values in the employees we hire and vendors we work with.

We at FeedBlitz are committed to being anti-racist, anti-misogynistic, anti-homophobic, and anti-ableist. Together, we firmly believe these values lead FeedBlitz to be not only a better company for our clients but our employees and investors as well.

Whether you’re a first-time blogger or a Fortune 500 company, keeping your community updated or selling online, FeedBlitz delivers.

As a powerful email marketing and RSS service, we meet you where you are now and support you as you grow, expand, and seize the opportunities that create your future.