Advanced Email Marketing: Suppression Lists in FeedBlitz

In my earlier post about using Suppression Lists in email marketing, I explained how suppression lists are used to restrict to whom a third party an send a mailing. They’re important because selling a direct sponsored email blast to your list can be the best form of one-off email monetization available to you, so you need to be able to use them if and when you get the chance.

This post is the promised “how-to guide” for FeedBlitz users who’ve sold a dedicated sponsorship email and need to use our suppression list feature.

1) Setting Up – Use FeedBlitz v4

Suppression lists are only available in the new FeedBlitz user interface, so you’ll need to try that out. Visit to start.

Once you’re in, Suppression Lists (along with Custom Fields and Surveys) are in the “Publisher Tools” section of the navigation, just under your Sites. Select “Suppression List Management” in the navigation.

2) Import your Suppression List File

You can import into a new suppression list or update an existing one. If you update an existing suppression list, FeedBlitz deduplicates, so that it’s safe to re-add the same addresses if all you have is a single monolithic file from your vendor. There’s no practical limit on imported list size, but if the upload is so large that it times out on you, you can split it into multiple parts, or ask FeedBlitz tech support to help you out.

As you import the file and further work on your list, you’ll see your activity is recorded on that suppression list’s page. You can use that information to prove to your provider how you used the list if you need to.

3) Use the list!

Suppression lists are designed for one-off mailings, so you can use them in either Newsflash (“email blast”) or On Demand (manually selected posts from your site) mailings. Pick the suppression list you want to use at the foot of the on demand or newsflash page, just under the subscriber segment area.

And that’s it; pretty easy. The mailing will use the suppression list to ensure that nobody on the suppression list gets the email, even of they’re actively opted in to your mailing list. FeedBlitz won’t mail anyone on the suppression list.

Your use of the suppression list is recorded in the list’s activity log, and (for newsflash) saved along with the contents of your mailing. If you like to jump start later email broadcasts by picking one you used earlier, your suppression lists selection now comes along for the ride too.  If you want to use a different list (or none at all), simply change your selection in the newsflash email builder while you’re editing your copy.