Advertising – Blogger and Publisher FAQs

Learn more about the innovative ad network that helps you monetize your mailing list.


What is the FeedBlitz Advertising Network?

FeedBlitz’s email advertising programs enable advertisers to place targeted ads in newsletter updates, and bloggers and newsletter publishers to make money from (or “monetize’) their mailing list. It is an entirely self-serve and opt-in solution.

This is the FAQ for publishers (bloggers and email newsletter marketers). The FAQ for advertisers wanting to place ads in email newsletters is here.

You may enable your newsletters to accept ads and start earning today in just a few clicks, starting here.

Why should I allow FeedBlitz to place ads on my newsletter?

For the same reason you use Google AdSense on your web site – to make some money from relevant ads. It takes just a couple of clicks to sign up.

Are FeedBlitz ads exclusive or restricted?

No. You can use them in your newsletter with anyone else’s ad solution as far as we’re concerned. You need to check with your other ad partners as to whether they restrict you from using other networks such as FeedBlitz’s. Elements of FeedBlitz’s ad network are content based. However, since basically no ad networks run in email, you’re safe. Google AdSense is not mail friendly, so it’s OK to use FeedBlitz in your email and AdSense on your web site.

If I accept ads, will my newsletter be flooded with ads?

We show one ad unit per post / article. No more than three ad units will be placed per newsletter. Each ad unit usually contains 4 ads, so at most 12 ads will be shown (four per ad unit). To max out the ads you will have to have three posts, and there will need to be 12 ad campaigns that match that newsletter (FeedBlitz only allows one ad at a time from each ad campaign in the same message).

So, worst case (or best case from an earnings standpoint) is that you’re looking at 12 small text ads, if you write at least 3 articles, and if there are advertisers that match.

Do I need to approve ads?

No – by signing up you are automatically approving ads that match your content (it’s just like Google AdSense and most other online ad networks in that regard). This enables you to start earning as soon as a qualified campaign appears.

Can I stop certain ads?

Yes. You can define competitor filters based on domains, and you can define content filters to prevent certain types of ads from showing up. By default, ads for adult content are blocked.

Does my blog have to be a certain size?

No – everyone is welcome! The smaller your circulation the longer it will take you to earn, but we have no size restriction. There’s also no preapproval process – just sign up from the web site.


How much will I earn?

That depends on several factors:

  1. The size of your subscriber base.
  2. How many of your subscribers open their emails.
  3. How often you write and how many articles per update you send.
  4. The currently available ad campaigns and their CPM bids.
  5. Whether or not you are a FeedBlitz premium publisher.

As a publisher, you can control all but item (4). To boost your revenues you can:

  • Write more often (but keep it relevant, and don’t write so often you make your subscribers unhappy).
  • Write more than one article per day.
  • Keep the content relevant for higher open rates.
  • Upgrade to a FeedBlitz premium publisher account.

Since the ad network is new, payouts will be very modest initially. But, as we ramp up, you should see your earnings increase over time.

FeedBlitz premium accounts earn twice as fast as the free, ad-funded accounts, so if you want to maximize your revenue, visit the Newsletter Center and follow the upgrade links. You’ll start earning at the premium rate as soon as you sign up.

Can free (ad-funded) users earn from the ad network?

Yes – participation is free and open to anyone. However, premium publishers do get a better share, however, and will therefore earn payouts faster.

What reports are available?

We offer real-time reporting in terms of the # of ad impressions (not page view oro email opens, but the number of individual ads shown), click throughs and earnings. You can review by day, or list. Reporting is real-time.

What about privacy?

Your subscribers’ privacy is really important. The ads presented are potentially different for each subscriber (because they’re in different locations), no individual subscriber information – including recipient email addresses and clicks – is shared with advertisers.

Can I advertise and accept ads at the same time?

Absolutely! If you don’t want your ads in your own publications, ad your domains to the domain exclusions.

For example, you might want to invite readers to subscribe to your blog. You set up an advert and pick some topic categories or keywords (so, for example, if you are a VoIP tech guru you might set your keywords to be voip, ip telephony, skype, SIP). You set your ad’s landing page to be your subscription form (get the link from the signup area from your Newsletter Center).

But your subscribers are, well, already subscribing. So simply exclude your own domain in your publisher settings and you’re all set!

When will I get paid?

Once your earned balance gets to be $25.00 or more. We pay 45 days after this milestone is reached. PayPal is required to accept payments, and we must have the appropriate tax forms from you.