Automatic Facebook posts done right

FeedBlitz can post blog entries to your Walls, Pages and Groups that you manage.

A sample Facebook post from FeedBlitz
This post was made by FeedBlitz to the FeedBlitz page – – at Facebook. It’s typical of how FeedBlitz posts to Facebook Walls, Pages and Groups.
A post to Facebook contains the following elements:
  1. A thumbnail image from the post (in this case the owner of the site making the testimonial).
  2. A link to the article and its title at the top.
  3. Facebook standard issue app name, comment and like links.
Posts are typically made to your blog within about 30 minutes of it being published.
Setting up Facebook Posting
For publishers, the best way to configure Facebook posts within FeedBlitz is to go to Newsletters | Mailings | Facebook. Then:
  1. Click the button to connect FeedBlitz and Facebook
  2. A popup appears. Click the links to give FeedBlitz the permissions it needs.
  3. The popup will disappear, and the page you were on will reload (if you get an error, please try again from step (1) above. Be patient, it can take some time.
  4. FeedBlitz will show you all the walls, Pages and Groups you manage.
  5. By default, posting to your personal Wall is enabled.
  6. If a Page you manage does not appear, find it on Facebook, Like it, then refresh this page at Feedblitz.
  7. Click the Walls, Pages and Groups you want Feedblitz to post to and save.
  8. New posts will be posted as they appear.
You can have a single list post to multiple pages. Similarly, you have multiple lists post to the same pages as well.
To disable or change Facebook posting using this mechanism, go back to Newsletters | Mailings | Facebook and update your selections.
Disconnecting FeedBlitz and Facebook
You can also disconnect the identity used to post to Facebook completely by clicking  the disconnect button at FeedBlitz. If you want FeedBlitz to use a different Facebook identity, make sure you are logged in to Facebook as that new identity and relink the services using the process outlined above.
You can also stop FeedBlitz from posting anywhere on any page you manage at Facebook by revoking FeedBlitz’s permissions at at Account | Manage Applications. If you change your mind you will later have to re-link the services using the steps outlined above.