I Need This Post to Go Out ASAP – How Do I Do That?

As part of the FeedBlitz support team, I’m regularly asked how can I send out a post immediately? We understand that sometimes a post is time critical, maybe there is an announcement of a flash sale or a correction needs to go out. FeedBlitz gives publishers the ability to send mailings immediately via two methods.…

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CASL – A Quick Guide and the Death of Single Opt-In

CASL – the Canadian Anti-Spam Law – takes effect tomorrow, July 1st, 2014. There’s a lot of fluff and BS floating around, and since there is no enforcement to date, there’s no real guidance from the authorities nor case law to follow. As far as email marketing is concerned, though, what CASL enforces is full-contact…

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Facebook Marketing

Three Fundamentals of Facebook Marketing

With a sixth of our planet currently on Facebook, you don’t need any introduction to the Big Daddy of social media that single handedly (well, almost) made brands rethink their marketing strategies and fork out their marketing dollars. Yes, yes, Mark Zuckerberg is a genius. But if you’re using Facebook marketing, you’re pretty smart yourself.…

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Monthly Mailing Metrics: Surprised? I Was

We recently quietly added a new feature to FeedBlitz for our email publishers. It’s a summary analysis of all yor mailings for a given month — you can access it via your mailing list’s dashboard and clicking the highlighted link in the Mailing Metrics tile. It shows basic subscriber stats for the month (here are…

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Do I Need An Email Newsletter

If You Have a Blog, Do You Really Need an Email Newsletter?

By Bob Dunn Developing rich, useful online content is hard work. If you are a solopreneur or small business owner, often that task falls squarely on your shoulders. But, you say, I only have so much time. You may have decided you can manage a blog or a newsletter, but not both. Let’s look closer…

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Heat Map Analytics

Heat Maps, FeedBlitz, and You

By Laura Petrolino Is it hot in here, or is it just my email? The secret fantasy of anyone involved in content and email marketing is to be able to really get inside the head of their consumers and understand interests, motivations, and needs. To do this, we employ many different methods: We create buyer…

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Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation

CASL: The New Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation

By Hessie Jones What’s going to turn the communications industry upside down in Canada and beyond? CASL: The New Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation that takes effect July 1, 2014. I’ve worked in the direct marketing industry since the early 90’s so I am aware of proper list building, proper opt-in, and disclosure on owned lists as…

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Blogging Best Practices

Your Headline Sucks (and Four Other Reasons No One Reads Your Blog)

I know that headline you just read sounds a little ?á rude. Maybe even mean-spirited. But really, I don’t mean it that way. I want to help. See, I’ve been writing blogs for quite awhile??nearly seven years. And I’ve been reading blogs for even longer. Over time, I’ve developed an eye for some of the…

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New RSS-Only Plans Are Here!

If you want to switch your RSS service to FeedBlitz, but want to keep your existing email service, now you can. Announcing our RSS-only plans, designed to scale from the casual blogger (starting at only $15 per year) through to those needing unlimited RSS resources. There’s no limit to the number of RSS subscribers on…

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