We’ve Updated Our Privacy Policy

The good news is, nothing material has changed. FeedBlitz is continuing to adhere to the same high standards we set ourselves from the start, in terms of both how we run our business and our obligations to you, our users. The better news is, the updated privacy policy is I think not only clearer, it’s…

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What is FeedBlitz Affiliate Program

Are you a FeedBlitz Affiliate?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve walked you through the process of monetizing your mailings. (Haven’t caught up on those posts? Check them out here!) Today let’s talk about a different form of monetization: The FeedBlitz Affiliate Program What is the FeedBlitz Affiliate Program? We know you love our services, and the FeedBlitz Affiliate Program…

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Selling Digital Content in Mailings

Monetizing Your Mailings by Selling Digital Content

We touched on this topic not too long ago in our post Using Funnels to Help you Sell and today we are going to take a closer look at how to get started selling digital products to monetize your mailings to generate another income stream. Most blogs should be able to create a digital product to…

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How to Use Ads in Mailings

A Word on Monetizing your Mailings

Monetizing can be a wonderful addition to your mailings as it can help offset your costs of maintaining a mailing list. However, if you haven’t yet begun monetizing your mailings, there are a few things we want to touch on before you start. If you are currently monetizing your mailings, this will be a simple…

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Earn with each send by monetizing your mailings.

How to Start Monetizing Your Mailings

It’s truly wonderful when a passion or hobby is an income generator. Even if making money from blogging isn’t on your radar, you may be surprised by just how simple it can be to earn from your mailings! There are many ways you can begin generating revenue from the work you’re already creating. In this…

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Is Gmail About to Wreck your Email Marketing?

What you need to know Google has announced that, starting next month, they will reject email that purports to come from Gmail, but isn’t sent by a Gmail server. How this might affect you If you use a third party email service, like FeedBlitz, to send your email updates, AND your from address is a…

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Email Audit Checklist

The Email Audit Checklist for Deliverability, Branding and Conversion

Even if your plan is to hire a company to handle it for you, conducting an email audit can seem overwhelming! Where do I even start? What should I be looking for? The questions can stop many from getting started. To streamline the process and help you get started, we have created a light checklist…

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How to Get Rid of Inactive Subscribers

List Hygiene: Weeding out Inactive Subscribers

Our previous post introduced you to the concept of conducting an email audit. Today we’re taking a closer look into what we consider to be an invaluable step in the email audit process: conducting list hygiene. Or as we like to say … Adios, inactives! Performing list hygiene is the process of removing subscribers who have…

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List Hygiene

Spring Cleaning for Email Marketing: 5 Reasons to Conduct an Email Audit

Buckle up, publishers, it’s Spring Cleaning time for your email marketing! Don’t worry, we aren’t going to police your keyboards with air dusters or wipe down your screens with microfiber cloths. This month we’ll be talking about a different kind of spring cleaning: the email audit. Did you miss February’s series on Funnels? Click here…

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