Email Audit Checklist

The Email Audit Checklist for Deliverability, Branding and Conversion

Even if your plan is to hire a company to handle it for you, conducting an email audit can seem overwhelming! Where do I even start? What should I be looking for? The questions can stop many from getting started. To streamline the process and help you get started, we have created a light checklist…

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How to Get Rid of Inactive Subscribers

List Hygiene: Weeding out Inactive Subscribers

Our previous post introduced you to the concept of conducting an email audit. Today we’re taking a closer look into what we consider to be an invaluable step in the email audit process: conducting list hygiene. Or as we like to say … Adios, inactives! Performing list hygiene is the process of removing subscribers who have…

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List Hygiene

Spring Cleaning for Email Marketing: 5 Reasons to Conduct an Email Audit

Buckle up, publishers, it’s Spring Cleaning time for your email marketing! Don’t worry, we aren’t going to police your keyboards with air dusters or wipe down your screens with microfiber cloths. This month we’ll be talking about a different kind of spring cleaning: the email audit. Did you miss February’s series on Funnels? Click here…

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Your RSS and Email Ad Options Just Got Better

FeedBlitz exists for several reasons: To simplify email marketing for bloggers and business owners; To save you time reaching your audience; To help you generate more revenue from your online presence. In support of that last mission, unlike other email services, we have a built-in ad network (think of it as “Adsense for Email and…

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Using Funnels to Help You Sell

Using Funnels to Help you Sell

Over the past few weeks we’ve introduced you to Funnels and shown you how to get started with your first automatic email series. While these automatic emails are great for staying in touch with your subscribers, they can also be used as a means to generate passive income on a consistent basis. Consider this scenario: You’ve stumbled on…

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Creating Your Funnel

Creating Your Funnel (formerly known as Autoresponder)

Last week we introduced you to one of our favorite FeedBlitz features: Funnels. Sending email automatically can not only boost your engagement and retention ratings, but your sales and readership as well. From a simple Welcome Email to a Paid Email Course Series, Funnels can be your solution to many questions on how to educate…

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Sending Email Automatically with Funnels

Sending Email Automatically: An Introduction to Funnels (formerly known as Autoresponders)

One of the many bonuses of an email marketing platform is how easy it can be to have it run itself. Incentives and offers are automatically sent to new subscribers, current subscribers are introduced to the other services, an email campaign used to systematically launch a new course or product. And all of this is…

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Growing Your List Bonus Tips

Growing Your List: Bonus Tips and Tricks

Now that you have a solid framework in place including customized subscription forms, subscription process and email template, or are currently working to get things in line, we would like to share a few tips on fine tuning the process. Below are a few things our FeedBlitz Support Staff does to take our publisher’s to the…

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Growing Your List with Your Email Template

Growing Your List: Send Something Worth Reading

You have an excited, interested new subscriber who has completed the full customized subscription process, and just a few hours or days later, they receive the first post from you and are filled with a great sense of underwhelm. They skim the article, scroll to the bottom and click unsubscribe. Not the scenario we’re all…

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