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We know that every blog needs to deliver its message to subscribers. That’s why we created FeedBlitz RSS-to-Email, the reliable solution for bloggers with BIG ambitions.

FeedBlitz distribution gives you email and RSS feed sharing using the power and flexibility of FeedBlitz “ the platform chosen by many of the world’s most respected bloggers “ at a price that everybody can afford.

  • FREE RSS feed distribution
  • Blog updates by email
  • Easy migration of existing readers
  • Hassle-free import of contacts from FeedBurner / Outlook / Google Contacts / Hotmail / CSV
  • Compatible with WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Moveable Type, and more
  • Reliable delivery
  • Email support and phone helpdesk (US Eastern)
  • In-depth statistics and tracking for subscribers
  • Integration with Facebook, IM, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter

Read These Rave Reviews

@Feedblitz paid for itself today when I was able to send notice to readers of addition of prize to yesterdays post without issuing new post. CreativCulinary | Barbara Kiebel

@phollows “seeing” @Feedblitz in action may have been the tipping point for signing up! EASY! Very much looking forward to learning from u! Erika_Dawson | E {Sweeting} Dawson

@phollows Oh my. It’s a great tool. And Easy! Seems like you know just what bloggers need. Thanks for all you do!! 🙂 ProverbsWife | Saidah Washington

Many people have asked me if I’m seeing a monetary return on investment with FeedBlitz. Right now, I can’t say it’s visibly paying for itself “ however, to me, the email branding, flexibility, and support are well worth it! I consider it an investment in my site, and in my blog readers. | Carrie Isaac

It is that last line that is important. Customer Service. At Google it doesn’t exist?áSo I got fed up and now I am on with FeedBlitz.

How do top bloggers like Fred Wilson, Lee Odden and 5DollarDinners use FeedBlitz?

There are two important things all bloggers need to do.

  1. Write great content.
  2. Share that content.

FeedBlitz helps you to share your content easily, effortlessly and continuously.

We take your RSS feed and enable its distribution.

You choose which channels you want to use to distribute your content:

  • Email
  • Feed Readers
  • Electronic newsletters
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

We add new channels all the time “ during 2011 we added Pinterest.

You are in control of which social media you use to share your blog content.

But there’s more! Your readers can decide where they want to read your blog posts. When they subscribe, they can choose to receive updates any way they want:

  • Email
  • Tweets
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Skype
  • AOL, Microsoft or Yahoo’s Instant Messenger services

So you distribute how you want, and your readers get your content where and when they want. A perfect match.

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You will save yourself RSS headaches AND grow your blog’s readership with FeedBlitz

Making your blog easy to find, easy to subscribe and easy to share using social media will give you the best possible chance of letting your readers tell their friends about what they read.

If you want to be more adventurous and start promoting your blog using our advanced tools like using email lists, advertisements, auto-responder emails in a series – you can.

There’s no extra fee for using them.

And you can teach yourself how to use all FeedBlitz tools using our extensive Knowledge Base of articles and the FeedBlitz blog.

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Predictable, No-Hassle Pricing

After the free 30 day trial, you will be moved to a monthly subscription. What you pay depends on how many unique email subscribers your blog has. No overages, no nickel and diming. No charging you for unsubscribed readers, or people who’ve finished your autoresponder sequence. Mail as much as you like for the same monthly fee. Prices start at just $1.49 per month.

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Did we mention that our customer service is widely acknowledged to be awesome?
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