Building Better Content for Your Email Marketing

Content marketers creating new content on website and emails.

There’s a saying in marketing: content is king. If you’re a blogger or content creator, you’re already familiar with the maxim. However, when it comes to marketing your businesses and services online, each method of marketing has its own preferred medium for content. Email marketing is one of the most versatile platforms available for delivering your content to consumers and bring them back for more to your website or store. Let’s look at the type of content that is ready-made for your email marketing.

Blogs: Putting Your RSS to Work

For a website, blogs are the workhorse of your content. These posts allow you to create new content that seamlessly integrates with your website while providing the perfect hooks to bring in readers. While content is king, remember that consistency is queen: make sure to make your blogs easy to scan as well as read by using headers, bullet points, and graphics. While you can share this content manually via social media or email, think about taking advantage of an RSS-to-Email feature on email marketing platforms to make content distribution easier.

News and Digests: Community and Curation

Local. Active. Topical. Bring in users by sending them information about what’s going on in your community and industry. Generally, this comes in two categories: the news in your community – with an emphasis on your own involvement – and curating your own and industry content for your users.

News and Community Involvement

Your involvement in your local community (and even your industry as a whole) is a great tool for marketing, especially on social media. Harness that power in your email marketing by expanding upon it and even including your social media in your email automatically. Remember that part of this requires you to be active in your community, so look for ways to make a difference from speaking events to volunteering and donating.

Curating Third-Party Content for Digest Emails

While it might seem to be counter-intuitive, providing digest emails where you link not only to your own content but also by peers in your industry (under headers such as “What We’re Reading”) will make your emails even more useful to users while still highlighting your content. By citing your sources and acknowledging other content creators, you build trust in your fairness and knowledge in your industry.

Long-Form Writing: Creating Monetized Content

Online content is often a tool to bring users to your website to engage with your advertising or buy your services and products, but it can be a source of revenue in and of itself. Providing content in the form of “digital products” available for purchase can help you generate another income stream for your business, which can be marketed via email to your subscribers. Some examples of digital products:

  • Guides and Whitepapers: As an expert in your field, what kind of content can you produce that your audience will pay for? Look at producing guides and whitepapers that drill down into your most successful topics.
  • Ebooks: Look at creating eBooks and printables that tell interesting or informative stories. If you’ve got multiple shorter eBooks, look at bundling them (see below).
  • Courses and Webinars: Look at providing instruction in the form of online courses or webinars, both live and as pre-recorded sessions.
  • Bundles: Look at bundling your content, especially in the case of many smaller pieces of content. By bundling and selling the combined content at a slightly reduced price, you provide higher perceived value to your clients.

For more information on monetized content, check out our blog, Monetizing Your Mailings by Selling Digital Content.

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