By Popular Demand: Scheduled Email Blasts

The majority of the FeedBlitz mailings are driven via blogs – so the simplest way to schedule a mailing is to set the list’s mailing schedule to Express, and simply schedule your posts. Done and done, works great.

The scheduling, though, has always been just for blog posts and not for any email outside of that. Which is great if all you’re doing is blogging, but not so great if you want to do some sophisticated drip campaigns to your subscribers.

To that end, we are often asked to allow newsflashes – a traditional email blast to just the list – to be schedulable too.

So (drum roll, please…) now they are!

When you set up a Newsflash – a non-blog mailing (a.k.a. an “email blast”) sent to your list – you now have the option to send it immediately or at some future date. Scheduled mailings appear on each list’s dashboard in the “Mailing Activity” tile, where you can change the email content and schedule it…as long as it hasn’t started yet.

When a scheduled subscriber mailing begins, FeedBlitz will let you know with (what else?) an email. You can schedule multiple mailings for a single list, or for any list you are managing at FeedBlitz for any of your sites. All our standard newsflash email marketing capabilities – segmentation, personalization, and suppression lists – are available on scheduled mailings as well.

Scheduled email blasts are perfect for email marketing campaigns targeting the subscribers you want to set up in advance.

Give it a whirl, why don’t you?

It is available from your list’s dashboard, via the honking great green “Send a Mailing” button, upper right. Let me know in the comments if you can’t find it or are having trouble getting emails scheduled.

And let us know what you think. We’ll be interested to hear how this works for each of you.