Can I have an autoresponder that is NOT linked to a newsletter, e.g. a lead capture form?

Yes! You can have subscribers subscribe directly to the autoresponder. Say you want to offer just a multi-step email course, or a white paper download. Set it up as an autoresponder, and then grab the subscription form for it at Responders | Subscription Form. Visitors to your site can then subscribe directly to the email course – or have the link to the white paper emailed to them – without having to subscribe to a “parent” newsletter first.

Be aware that autoresponders are not newsletters and the functionality is different. If you want to email everyone who’s ever been on the autoresponder then you should:

  • Create an on demand mailing list – it will not send anything but will hold ALL the subscribers.
  • Attach the autoresponder to that list so it starts when new subscribers activate.
  • Send a newsflash or other maiing to all your leads via the parent newsletter as and when you want to.