Can I remove the CAPTCHA and / or the dual opt in for my web form?

If you are interested in integrating with FeedBlitz, please read our blog post first:
The FeedBlitz API: Workflow for Building a Plugin

FeedBlitz enforces best practice, this ensures the highest quality lists for publishers using FeedBlitz, and that we maintain our excellent delivery rates.
The CAPTCHA and dual opt-in serve two different but essential purposes:

The CAPTCHA proves that the subscriber is a human being.

The dual opt-in proves that the owner of the email address is actually giving you permission to add them to the list.

When visible, all FeedBlitz CAPTCHAs have an audio equivalent for the visually impaired.

For upgraded publishers, the CAPTCHA is typically invisible to new subscribers. It still stops spambots, but it enables people to subscribe much more quickly. This is a great benefit to upgrading from a legacy or ad-supported account.
As a result of these policies FeedBlitz has excellent ISP relations and excellent deliverability. Services or software that let you opt out of these steps have lower quality deliverability, reputations for spamming, and are much more likely to have their emails end up in the spam folder or be blocked entirely. Since you don’t want that to happen to your emails we know that you appreciate the value of applying best practices to achieve best quality.