Can I send mailings without a blog using FeedBlitz, like my current contact mailing service?

Absolutely, yes!

If you already have a FeedBlitz newsletter set up, you can send an email blast to your list (and use custom fields or email addresses to segment it) without an underlying blog article. This is the FeedBlitz Newsflash feature, and it is at Newsletters | Mailings | Newsflash Email Blast. When you construct a newflash, you can have FeedBlitz format it according to your newsletter’s template, or disable the template to have it sent as-is.

If you want to set up a traditional email marketing “contact” newsletter where you construct the text yourself, you can also do that using FeedBlitz. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Newsletters | New
  2. When prompted, pick the “manual” article source instead of the automatic construction.
  3. Follow the remaining steps of the wizard to get your subscription form code etc.

To construct a mailing to your list, here’ s what you do:

  1. Go to Newsletters | Mailings | Articles
  2. Create your copy as one or more articles for your mailing and save them.
  3. When you are ready, publish your draft articles.
  4. FeedBlitz will then mail your articles out according to the schedule defined at Newsletters | Mailings | Schedule.
  5. FeedBlitz will also create an RSS feed euqivalent for your newsletter.

Like automatic newsletters, you can also send a newsflash to a manual list. Other than the article source being articles you create, contact email marketing newsletters have exactly the same features as autoamticaslly generated ones, including automatically generated tables of contents, distribution to Twitter and Instant Messengers, and more.