Can I skip the notification email for imports?

Update: Yes, you can IF you are importing from FeedBurner’s email subscriber list. FeedBurner uses double opt-in so we know the addresses are OK. Import email subscribers directly from FeedBurner is easy, fast and available at Newsletters | New and Newsletters | Subscribers | Import from FeedBurner.

Otherwise, No – sending the opt-out email is an essential part of the process since we don’t know where the email addresses came from. Sending the notification serves three distinct purposes:

  1. It tells subscribers how to update their white lists in order to keep receiving your updates.
  2. It tells subscribers how to report abuse and / or unsubscribe. This disincents spammers from using the import facility because they know they’ll be discovered immediately.
  3. It lets us quickly clean-up your list to improve quality – after 24 hours your list will be very clean and properly filtered – and let’s us track quality and complaint metrics from the get go.

Repermissioning keeps abuse and complaint rates down and deliverability up. Importees do not have to resubscribe again just because you’re switching to FeedBlitz. But there is no avoiding the courtesy note mailing to list recipients. Since you know that you have permission to write to these people we understand that you will want them to know you’re following best practice and also helping them keep their white lists up to date. In other words, mailing them during the import isn’t really a problem, it’s a benefit for both you and them.