How To Set Up FeedBlitz’s AdSense for Feeds Alternative

Replacing FeedBurner AdSense for Feeds One of the most popular features on FeedBurner was the integration of Google’s AdSense with FeedBurner, allowing RSS publishers to earn revenue from ads inserted into their feeds as paid out via Google’s AdSense program. As part of its continued degradation of FeedBurner, Google announced the end of the AdSense…

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FeedBlitz Takes the Lead in RSS Monetization as Google Kills AdSense for Feeds

FeedBlitz, the innovative social media and email marketing service that enables online publishers to better reach, manage and track their audience, announces the immediate availability of its own replacement ad revenue service for RSS publishers who have been abandoned by Google’s shuttering of the FeedBurner AdSense for Feeds program today. RSS feed publishers can switch…

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