Screen detail showing large amount of Spam mail.

How Spam Filters Work (And How You Can Avoid Them)

Having your marketing email being marked as spam hurts in more ways than one. It means your email isn’t being viewed by its recipient if they do see it, they think it’s unimportant, and it’s more likely for your domain (or your sender’s if you use an Email Service Provider) to be blacklisted by the…

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CAN-SPAM: Being Legal is Not Enough – A Rant #LBB #emailmarketing

In lieu of this week’s scheduled List Building for Bloggers post, I want to instead focus – yet again – on permission and why, in particular, simple CAN-SPAM compliance is not a defence against being labeled a spammer. The background is this. FeedBlitz’s quality monitors suspended a new account yesterday for complaint rate issues. We…

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