Hand flipping wooden blocks with word GDPR.

Life with GDPR: Data Compliance for Emails

As we wrote in our previous GDPR post, GDPR: Email Marketing Compliance Update and FAQs, the General Data Protection Regulation was like “Y2k for privacy.” In a post-GDPR deadline world, the analogy is even more fitting – like Y2k, the world didn’t end, because of the work most affected organizations put in to ensure that…

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FeedBlitz and GDPR

GDPR: Email Marketing Compliance Update and FAQs

As you are no doubt aware, the EU’s GDPR regulations come into force May 25th. These are a big deal, and affect every online web site, regardless of whether the site or the business it serves is in Europe. A great way to think about GDPR is that it’s “Y2K for Privacy” – it’s a…

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CAN-SPAM: Being Legal is Not Enough – A Rant #LBB #emailmarketing

In lieu of this week’s scheduled List Building for Bloggers post, I want to instead focus – yet again – on permission and why, in particular, simple CAN-SPAM compliance is not a defence against being labeled a spammer. The background is this. FeedBlitz’s quality monitors suspended a new account yesterday for complaint rate issues. We…

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