Why I switched to FeedBlitz, by Carrie Isaac

After months of responding to emails from readers saying they weren’t getting my FeedBurner email updates, I decided to check out FeedBlitz. As I started looking at it more closely, I not only got excited about using a service that actually offered customer support and diagnostics, I also got excited about the branding options I’d…

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Top 5 Email Marketing Tasks

Are your mailings doing as well as they could be? Probably not, based on a recent survey of the FeedBlitz database (see results below). Why is that? Well, to get the best value from your blog, your mailings and your mailing list you need to bring together multiple factors to persuade your subscribers to stay…

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Styling Sizzle with Multi-Feed Newsletters

Since its inception, FeedBlitz has been automatically converting single RSS feeds into formatted, indexed, tracked email marketing newsletters. There are services – such as FeedBlitz’s RSS service and Yahoo Pipes – that allow multiple feeds to be merged, blended and spliced into one, so it’s also easy to munge multiple feeds into a single newsletter.…

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