Brand Marketing

Marketing: The Darth Vader Approach

By Laura Petrolino What can an epic villain teach us about marketing? How dare you doubt the powers of the Dark Side!? (Cue Star Wars theme?á) Consider that the first Star Wars movie was made in 1977. Now, say ?ªDarth Vader’. There’s immediately a very clear image, right? From his humble beginnings back in the…

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Streamlining Your Email Marketing

Email Marketing: A Street Level Analysis

By Clay Morgan When I served as publisher of a newspaper, we used email marketing, in the form of newsletters, to help highlight key stories and drive traffic. The “top 5 stories” newsletter was our most popular. It was sent out daily and contained the five most popular links of the day. We also had…

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Blogging Best Practices

The Best Practices of Blogging

By Stacey Hood Blogging today is no different than it was it experienced its first surge of popularity a few years ago. You must know your audience, write in a tight and concise manner, and pay attention to design, search engine optimization, and of course, choose the right voice of your brand. You want to…

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Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach: Persistence is Fertile

By Chris Abraham With blogger outreach, if you want to be heard above the din of the Internet, you need to speak clearly and with persistence. It’s not uncommon for someone at a loud bar not to hear you the first time, or even twice. If you assume someone isn’t interested in getting to know…

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Blogger Community

Building Community with Other Bloggers

By Sarah Mock If you are a blogger like I am, you spend a large portion of your day in the glow of your computer screen. From time to time, I escape to my kitchen or craft table to create, photograph, and occasionally royally mess up a blog post. Sharing drinks and conversation with real…

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Good Writing Habits

Content, Creativity, and the Role of Habit

If you want to produce better, more effective, and more inspired content, refining your creative habits is one of the most valuable things you can do. Cultivating a creative habit is fundamental to becoming a more productive creative professional. Process is Personal We’re all wired differently, so trying to deconstruct process isn’t all that useful.…

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How To Write Quality Content

Content Marketing: Fix Your Crummy Content

By Mike Templeman Back in February of 2011, Google opened the cage on a vicious little animal they’d kept locked up for years. That creature was a Panda. More specifically, it was the Panda algorithmic crawl. This little piece of code would crawl the internet, find low quality content, and penalize sites rife with it.…

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How To Make Better Content

Make The Web a Better Place with Better Content

By Jason Konopinski A few months ago, I was invited to speak to a group of YMCA program directors as part of a day-long content, branding and marketing workshop. These people were doing valuable work, developing health and wellness programming in York County. As I was leading the discussion on developing content for digital distribution…

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Email Newsletter Tips

Five Tips for Developing a Successful Email Newsletter

By Jess Ostroff Despite the advent of the “always-on” mentality that social media has instilled in us, email marketing is still one of the best ways to reach your audience, especially for small business. The reasons in favor of using email newsletters as part of your marketing mix far outweigh the reasons not to, however…

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