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Can I Still Reach My Customers with Email Marketing?

Many forms of communication vie for the attention of people of all ages, with commercial marketing using everything from social media to messaging to gain the attention and engagement of their users. This can sometimes make it feel as if email marketing should take a back seat to other forms of inbound or outbound marketing.…

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I Need This Post to Go Out ASAP – How Do I Do That?

As part of the FeedBlitz support team, I’m regularly asked how can I send out a post immediately? We understand that sometimes a post is time critical, maybe there is an announcement of a flash sale or a correction needs to go out. FeedBlitz gives publishers the ability to send mailings immediately via two methods.…

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FeedBlitz Users Speak: Crawl – Walk – Run for Rowperfect

Today’s post is from the good folks at Rowperfect UK. Rowperfect got introduced to FeedBlitz through its marketing agency, Creative Agency Secrets. The initial attraction of the service is the single monthly fee for all our mailings plus the ‘set-and-forget’ nature of the newsletter created out of the blog RSS feed. As a growing, small…

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