Subscribe form for email concept.

How to Make Popup Email Subscription Forms That Work

There’s a myriad amount of ways to gain new subscribers to your email lists, from subscribe-by-text to opt-ins during checkout. But one of the most powerful ways is to have an email subscription form on your website that brings itself to your users’ attention. When done well, using a popup form can bring in fresh…

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Automated email with invitation to event.

Using Email Automation for Better Events

Events are a great way to grow your audience while increasing brand awareness. From the smallest webinar for a part-time blogger to an annual conference for a big business, events take time and energy to set up and execute. Each person involved in the process is a potential subscriber, sale, or client. If your goal…

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Three Ways to Re-engage Inactive Email Subscribers

Regardless of if you’ve got a list of email subscribers in the hundreds or thousands, there are always some users who are inactive. While you can always gain new followers through better forms, email automation, and great content, how do you hold onto those customers? In email marketing, if content is king, then engagement is…

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Email with question mark symbol.

Can I Still Reach My Customers with Email Marketing?

Many forms of communication vie for the attention of people of all ages, with commercial marketing using everything from social media to messaging to gain the attention and engagement of their users. This can sometimes make it feel as if email marketing should take a back seat to other forms of inbound or outbound marketing.…

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Will I lose subscribers when leaving FeedBurner?

For email subscribers, the answer is no. In fact, you will probably get more activity from your mailing list after you move thanks to FeedBlitz’s better deliverability and smarter post truncation. FeedBlitz has a migration wizard that automatically pulls your confirmed FeedBurner email subscribers (and recent subscriptions awaiting confirmation) and imports them into your FeedBlitz…

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How to Migrate RSS Feed Subscribers from FeedBurner

1. Create Your FeedBlitz Account If you have not already done so, register for your account at FeedBlitz by clicking here. 2. Log in to FeedBlitz After you log in you will be on the Account tab. Click the “RSS” tab in the upper left green box, which takes you to the feed management area.…

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How to Migrate Email Subscribers from FeedBurner

The full tutorial on migrating from FeedBurner to FeedBlitz can be found in our handy FeedBurner Migration Manual. This answer assumes you’ve already migrated RSS readers from FeedBurner. 1. Access your FeedBlitz mailing list from the site navigation. 2. In the subscriber block, find the import option. 3. Select import from FeedBurner. 4. Enter your credentials…

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Can I import subscribers into an autoresponder?

Yes, FeedBlitz enables you to import subscribers to an autoresponder. Import into an autoresponder is subject to the same restrictions and anti-abuse policies as our main newsletter import.  The difference is that importing new subscribers into an autoresponder will start the autoresponder mailing sequence automatically, using the import time as the start time. Like newsletter…

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Why does FeedBlitz not allow generic email addresses such as "info"?

The policy exists for a couple of reasons. First of all, not allowing generic addresses like “info” and “support” is generally considered best practice, largely because these addresses are so common that they are very likely to be abused and most UN-likely to be properly opted in. So to help keep deliverability up we mandate…

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