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Should You Use Gifs in Your Emails?

On websites, social media, and even messaging apps, animations are everywhere. Why not have them in your mailings as well? Marketing is all about capturing interest and gifs can be another tool in your arsenal. If a picture says a thousand words, what does a gif say? Let’s explore how to use animated gifs in…

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4 Useful Ways to Segment Your Subscriber List

It’s important to not only have a subscriber list, but to understand it and make the most of it. What content brings in users? Why do certain users engage more than others? Who is under-engaged on this list, and how do you reach them? Cue segmentation. By segmenting your user list in various (and simultaneous)…

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Three Ways to Re-engage Inactive Email Subscribers

Regardless of if you’ve got a list of email subscribers in the hundreds or thousands, there are always some users who are inactive. While you can always gain new followers through better forms, email automation, and great content, how do you hold onto those customers? In email marketing, if content is king, then engagement is…

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Building Better Content for Your Email Marketing

There’s a saying in marketing: content is king. If you’re a blogger or content creator, you’re already familiar with the maxim. However, when it comes to marketing your businesses and services online, each method of marketing has its own preferred medium for content. Email marketing is one of the most versatile platforms available for delivering…

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Page posts are missing / showing with my personal identity

If a post to a Page walll appears to be missing it is likely that the update has actually been posted using your personal identity instead. On your Page’s Wall, choose to see updates from “Others” and see if the post you expect is there. First, go to Newsletters | Mailings | Facebook, disconnect and…

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Facebook "Like" Button in Emails

FeedBlitz now adds a Facebook “Like” button to post-driven emails by default. Added at the foot of each email, the Like button extends the reach of Facebook’s social media graph to your email list, increasing the number of opportunities for your post to be “liked” and spread around Facebook to a larger number of user…

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What is the difference between an autoresponder and a newsletter?

Basically, a newsletter sends the same email to all subscribers at the same time. When you add an article to your site or send a broadcast “newsflash” campaign, that message will be sent to all the appropriate subscribers on the list. It’s a typical email marketing update or blast, if you will. Furthermore, as long…

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Does FeedBlitz use double opt-in?

For all subscriptions created online, FeedBlitz requires dual opt-in. This ensures the highest quality lists for publishers using FeedBlitz, and that we maintain our excellent delivery rates. When someone enters an email address online at FeedBlitz to start a subscription, the user must also: a) Successfully pass the CAPTCHA image verification test (an audio equivalent…

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Can I skip the notification email for imports?

Update: Yes, you can IF you are importing from FeedBurner’s email subscriber list. FeedBurner uses double opt-in so we know the addresses are OK. Import email subscribers directly from FeedBurner is easy, fast and available at Newsletters | New and Newsletters | Subscribers | Import from FeedBurner. Otherwise, No – sending the opt-out email is…

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