How-To: Update lists from form plugins, PayPal with parsers

One of FeedBlitz’s most powerful capabilities is the (awkwardly-named) parser feature set (see here for articles about them). What a parser does is read an email that is sent to it, decides whether to pay attention to that email, and – if so – adds (and now optionally removes) the subscriber to / from the…

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FeedBlitz Users Speak: Crawl – Walk – Run for Rowperfect

Today’s post is from the good folks at Rowperfect UK. Rowperfect got introduced to FeedBlitz through its marketing agency, Creative Agency Secrets. The initial attraction of the service is the single monthly fee for all our mailings plus the ‘set-and-forget’ nature of the newsletter created out of the blog RSS feed. As a growing, small…

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Shopping cart and popup integration – Beefing Up Autoresponders, Part 2

Autoresponders are often used to thank people for subscribing to your mailing list, or to launch multi-step drip marketing series, or as standalone email courses sent to subscribers. These are easy to set up because all these features are inside the FeedBlitz service. But some of the best uses for autoresponders is to add a…

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