RSS Feed Management

Computer with email that has the RSS symbol.

How to Take Your RSS to Email from Meh to Yeah!

RSS to Email is a form of email automation that uses a feature almost every website has, though for some it’s a hidden feature: the RSS Feed. Utilizing the RSS Feed, you can send automatic emails to notify your subscribers of changes to your site, most common in the form of new posts to your…

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Subscribe to any Feed or Blog URL

Call https:://www.feedblitz.com/f?Track=<URL>&email=<Email>&publisher=<PublisherID> Parameters All parameters are case insensitive. <URL> – Required: The URL of the article source. <Email> – Optional: The email address of the subscriber, if known. Otherwise FeedBlitz will use the email address of the currently logged user, if any, to pre-fill the email address with. <PublisherID> – Associate the subscription with the…

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Will I lose subscribers when leaving FeedBurner?

For email subscribers, the answer is no. In fact, you will probably get more activity from your mailing list after you move thanks to FeedBlitz’s better deliverability and smarter post truncation. FeedBlitz has a migration wizard that automatically pulls your confirmed FeedBurner email subscribers (and recent subscriptions awaiting confirmation) and imports them into your FeedBlitz…

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How to Migrate RSS Feed Subscribers from FeedBurner

1. Create Your FeedBlitz Account If you have not already done so, register for your account at FeedBlitz by clicking here. 2. Log in to FeedBlitz After you log in you will be on the Account tab. Click the “RSS” tab in the upper left green box, which takes you to the feed management area.…

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Can I subscribe anonymously?

Yes. To subscribe anonymously register your email address at FeedBlitz first if you are new to the system, or simply log in. Then go to My Account | My Profile and check on the “private” box and save.

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Do I have to register for a FeedBlitz account just to subscribe?

Not at all. Simply use the FeedBlitz form on the site you want to subscribe to or go to www.feedblitz.com/f?Track to set up your subscription to any site. You don’t have to log in or register first; the subscirption process takes care of everything for you. If you are using a form on a third…

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Do you sell subscriber information or rent my address to third parties?

A subscriber’s email address is only shared with the newsletter’s publisher, so they can see who is subscribing to their content. See our privacy policy at www.feedblitz.com/privacy.asp and our terms of service at www.feedblitz.com/tos.asp Subscribers can always elect to remain anonymous if they wish to as an added level of privacy protection, by checking on…

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How did I get a FeedBlitz account? I’m just a subscriber.

All subscribers have an account created for them (it’s free to subscribers) automatically when a subscription is created. FeedBlitz uses this account to keep all your subscriptions and other preferences together so that you can manage them. When an account is created automatically to handle your first subscription, FeedBlitz creates an automatic password from random…

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How do I unsubscribe / get removed from a list?

You do not need to log in to FeedBlitz to unsubscribe. To unsubscribe from a specific mailing, click the link “Click here to safely unsubscribe” which is at the end of each mailing (if you receive a digest mailing with content for more than one list in it, the unsubscribe link appears at the end…

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