Is This Email About My FeedBlitz Account Genuine?

Bad actors can try to try to steal your login credentials here at FeedBlitz by faking a “your account has been suspended” or similar scary sounding email, which takes you to a copy of our login screen. We’re also seeing some new spins on this, where you need to verify your account details because of an…

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Hand flipping wooden blocks with word GDPR.

Life with GDPR: Data Compliance for Emails

As we wrote in our previous GDPR post, GDPR: Email Marketing Compliance Update and FAQs, the General Data Protection Regulation was like “Y2k for privacy.” In a post-GDPR deadline world, the analogy is even more fitting – like Y2k, the world didn’t end, because of the work most affected organizations put in to ensure that…

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Safeguarding Subscribers and Publishers

Web-based malware is a headache. Not only for the damage it inflicts if you happen to visit a page hosting some rot that your system is vulnerable to, but also because if you’re unaware of a security problem on your site it may ultimately affect your site’s listing in search results. Google’s Webmaster Tools utility…

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