suppression lists

Help, Help, I’m Being Suppressed (and I Feel Fine)

Getting the right message to the right person at the right time is a goal for the more advanced email marketer. One of the tools used to better enable this is what is called a suppression list. I wrote a couple of years ago (my, how time flies) about how to use FeedBlitz’s suppression list…

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Advanced Email Marketing: Suppression Lists in FeedBlitz

In my earlier post about using Suppression Lists in email marketing, I explained how suppression lists are used to restrict to whom a third party an send a mailing. They’re important because selling a direct sponsored email blast to your list can be the best form of one-off email monetization available to you, so you…

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Advanced Email Marketing: Suppression Lists

One of the great ways to raise extra revenues from your list is by selling advertising sponsorships. The more responsive your list, the better rate (usually expressed as a CPM, cost per thousand, value) you can expect to get. Higher response rates tend to accompany focused, targeted audiences, so if your site is the industry…

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