A-B test. AB comparison. Split testing.

Getting Started with A/B Testing Your Emails

A big part of email marketing – of all marketing – is finding out what works best for your brand and audience. For those just starting on our email platform or those who are looking to change up how they make their emails, it can be stressful to figure out what might work best. There…

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Help! My FeedBurner Migration Message Isn’t Appearing or Updating

One of the most common support questions I run across is a variation of: “Help my FeedBurner feed hasn’t updated since [insert number of hours or days] and my readers aren’t seeing the migration message? Why are things broken?” There are a few potential causes for the FeedBurner feed to not update or for the…

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Lions, Tigers, and Caches (Oh my!)

Site owners who utilize shared hosting or who are trying to conserve on bandwidth may find caching essential to keeping a site’s load time in line with the Great Google Overlord’s expectations. (Yes, the load time of a page can impact its search ranking.) The downside to caching is it can occasionally delay feed updates,…

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Content to Cash: SEO, Email and the Sales Funnel

SEO – search engine optimization – is the name for the tips, tricks and techniques used by web sites to get themselves listed higher up the search engine results pages (a.k.a. SERPs). Many people, themes and plugins put a great deal of effort into SEO, building on their blogs and content sites to entice online…

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Making the Most of FeedBlitz: Modified Feeds and AutoCast

Every second Thursday we’re going to be highlight some of the incredible ways that FeedBlitz can help you with your community building and sharing of content. Today, we follow up on Tuesday’s post on integrating third party content and walk you through creating category specific feeds. As well, we explore using AutoCast, an extension of…

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WordPress RSS Feed Plugin: Major Update!

FeedBlitz’s FeedSmart RSS plugin for WordPress has just been updated – and it’s one heck of a release! The plugin gives power bloggers, podcasters and media sites complete control over RSS feed redirection, enabling finer control over RSS serving, monetization strategies, switching away from FeedBurner, and more. Key features of the plugin are: Default post…

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Blasted Botnets

Today (August 22) between about 11:00 am and 1:30 pm eastern FeedBlitz’s availability was severely affected by what appeared to be automated queries using known botnet-style signatures. I do not think we were specifically targeted, but regardless, things certainly suffered for a while until we could restore order on the servers. To be clear: FeedBlitz…

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Free Webcast: FeedBlitz Use, FeedBurner Migration: Weds Aug 22 8pm EDT

Hi All: I’m presenting a webcast tomorrow hosted by the inestimable Dan Morris on how to get the most out of FeedBlitz, and also more on switching from FeedBurner to FeedBlitz – the why’s and how’s. The webcast is at 8pm eastern tomorrow, Wednesday August 22nd. Registration is required, click here to sign up. See…

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Freshly Updated FeedBurner Migration Guide!

We’ve updated the FeedBurner Migration Guide to help you move more easily to FeedBlitz, the premium FeedBurner alternative. The changes include addressing some issues that might trip up some users, and a great new chapter at the end on some of the new things you’re able to do in FeedBlitz that you can’t in FeedBurner,…

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