New: Closed Lists for Paid Mailings and Memberships

Up until now, any active mailing list at FeedBlitz has been fully open; i.e. anyone could join. Today we’re announcing a new capability: Closed lists.

A closed list acts like any other mailing list here, except in one key aspect: Subscribers can only be added via the API, a parser, a trigger, or by the list administrator. So the general public can’t join, unless you allow them to.

That extra degree of control is great for membership sites, or if you want to charge people to join your list. For paid lists, you can wait for the payment to come through and add the new subscriber via the list’s dashboard, or you can integrate your shopping cart via a parser and automate that as well.

Switch a list from open to closed via the list’s “Settings” button, then click the “Anyone can join this list” to flip the setting in the “Subscriber Interactions and Notifications” section.

So: If you wanted to create a closed or paid email newsletter through FeedBlitz, now you can!

P.S. Although this is obvious, it’s worth mentioning: Once a subscriber is on your closed list, they can forward that email to anyone they like, because that’s true of any email.