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FeedBlitz Accel

Powering your growth and success through subscriber engagement.

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FeedBlitz Accel takes your current email marketing efforts and hyper-focuses on audience engagement to grow your revenue and platform.

Building on the foundation of FeedBlitz Core’s suite of email marketing features, FeedBlitz Accel offers access to:

Exciting new features & capabilities.

Features formerly exclusively reserved for high-volume, high-frequency senders.

Unlocked enhancements to our most-requested features.

Ideal for the email marketer who’s ready to re-energize their revenue growth, FeedBlitz Accel allows you to take an engaged audience and turn them into a power audience full of opportunities.

Maximizing FeedBlitz’s industry-leading deliverability practices, with FeedBlitz Accel you’ll have access to:

List Auto-Purge

Control your costs and improve open rates by
pre-setting conditions for your list to remove unengaged subscribers.

Campaign-Based Triggers

Maximize engagement opportunities by applying triggers to individual email campaigns.

Transactional Emails

Use the power of FeedBlitz deliverability to send your transactional emails.

With FeedBlitz Accel you’ll unlock access to features designed to not only work with your current subscriber engagement on new, highly-concentrated levels but also encourage new interactions as well.

The following three feature upgrades, available through FeedBlitz Accel, are designed to accomplish just that:

Conversion Tracking

Set goals and better target your audience by linking actions taken on your site to specific email subscribers.

Enhanced Reporting

Gain clarity on the best time to hit send with engagement insights by the hour, recipient domain, or recipient region.

Campaign Enhancements

Increase open rates with subscriber time-zone mailing or sending  a campaign over a set period of time vs all at once.

Targeted automation is key to successful marketing efforts. The following new features boost subscriber engagement by improving upon your current automation efforts:

Automatic Follow-ups for RSS Automated Campaigns

Save time by automatically resending automated campaign emails to those who did not engage with the initial mailing.

Audience Filtering for RSS Automated Campaigns

Send targeted mailings to a refined audience with groups and suppression list filtering on automated campaigns.

Increase Visibility Through Inbox Detection

Boost open rates by sending campaigns when FeedBlitz detects a subscriber is active in their inbox.

FeedBlitz Accel takes the foundations, reliability, and flexibility of FeedBlitz Core and opens new avenues designed to hyper-focus on the actions your audience is taking.

Because when you’re making the most of subscriber engagement, you’re opening avenues for greater growth and opportunity.

Get ready to power forward to your revenue goals.

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