Content: Feed Your Blog First

ContentAre you spending time week after week researching and compiling valuable content, then only using it for your newsletters?

Stop doing that, and consider doing this.

Publish that content in the form of a blog post. It will then be archived on your blog, the keywords used would help you to rise in Google rankings and increase your chances of being found online, and you would potentially influence a much wider audience than your newsletter subscribers alone.

So, instead of a newsletter, experiment by creating a weekly wrap up on your blog – perhaps on weekends when things are more quiet. Consistently tag / categorize it “Weekly Wrap” or “Newsletter.”

@CopyBlogger does this each and every week; it’s a great way to summarize your week in a single post, and to add extra editorial and have a little fun if you want. If it’s good enough for Brian Clark and his hundreds of thousands of subscribers, it’s good enough for you!

Content: How Not to Overwhelm your “Newsletter” Readers

That’s simple: Only mail them the weekly wrap up (as opposed to your daily blog subscribers, who of course, get everything)!

Here’s how.

  1. Clone your blog’s list in FeedBlitz via Newsletters – Settings – Clone.
  2. Change the name of your new cloned list to “Weekly Newsletter” (or whatever you want to call it)
  3. In Newsletters – Settings – Content Settings – Tag Filters, set the include tag to be “weekly wrap” (or whatever you decide to categorize those summary posts with)
  4. Import your “newsletter” subscribers to the list
  5. Done!

All you do to create your “newsletter” is post a weekly summary (which also goes to your regular readers, as well as generating google juice and SEO points for your site). Then FeedBlitz mails it out to your “newsletter” list automatically – without sending them the other daily blog posts, thanks to the tag filter.

It’s probably less work for you, so you save time producing the “newsletter” plus you get the SEO benefits and an online, indexable archive on your blog, none of which you’d generate doing your “newsletter” the old fashioned way.

Get FeedBlitz to Produce a Weekly Wrap Automatically with No Extra Effort

If you don’t want to add extra editorial (i.e. no weekly wrap up blog post) but you do want to send a weekly summary to a group of subscribers, you can automate that in FeedBlitz too. You create your clone, but instead of setting a tag filter, you set it to have a weekly schedule and abridge the post content.

Once a week FeedBlitz will generate a nice digest of your week’s posts and mail it out to your “newsletter” subscribers – zero extra work for you. All you have to do is import the subscribers from your legacy newsletter service.

So don’t let your existing legacy newsletter hold you back. Using your blog and FeedBlitz together to generate both newsletter and blog / mail subscriptions is easy, saves you time and is better for your SEO. And that, my friends, is a win, win, win!