Like most web sites, we use cookies for the site to function well, securely, and to give you a better and more personalized experience. This page tells you about the cookies we use, and explains how you can manage them.

Cookies and Your Privacy

We use cookies in the context of, and conformant with, our full privacy policy, which you can read here.

Cookies We Use

Essential Cookies

These cookies are vital to working within FeedBlitz app. They enable secure login, and saving your cookie preferences, if you set them. You do not need these cookies to receive email subscriptions, sign up for email updates from one of our clients, or to unsubscribe from any emails we’re sending you.

Cookie Name Description
cookieprefs A persistent cookie used to save your cookie preferences. You do not have to log in to set your cookie preferences.
UserID, Token These cookies are set after your securely log in to the Feedblitz app. They are permanent if you check the “Remember Me” box when you log in; they are cleared when you log out of FeedBlitz.

Functional Cookies

These cookies help personalize your FeedBlitz experience, such as limiting popups (both here and on client sites), controlling beta feature access, and remembering which tab you last used.

Cookie Name Description
(text)_(text)_activetab After your log in, these cookies record which tab was active if the page you’re on uses a tabbed dialog, so you can be taken straight there next time you access that page. There’s one cookie for each tabbed dialog on the page.
FbzRss Used to disambiguate anonymous RSS feed interactions for better personalization.
language If you explicitly change the language used by some subscriber-facing FeedBlitz pages, this cookie holds the language you prefer.
lx A comma separated list of list IDs used by FeedBlitz SmartForms to suppress subscription forms (including popups) for lists you’re already subscribed to.
fbz_(text)_pv, fbz_(text)_delay Counts the number of page views from a visitor and popup delay when a FeedBlitz SmartForm is used in popup mode, in order to not overwhelm the visitor.
p, pcode If you click an offer from a FeedBlitz affiliate, these cookies track the relevant affiliate and applicable offer.
v(number) If you’re participating in a FeedBlitz beta program, this is the version number of the beta you’re using.
Fbm_(number), Fbsr_(number) Facebook cookies used when integrating FeedBlitz and Facebook.
_om(text), om-(number) Subscription form cookies that stop the popup form from appearing repeatedly.
_fw_crm_v This cookie holds the tracker id that Freshworks, the provider of our interactive chat widget, uses to identify who is using the chat widget​. It is required if you want to use our chat capability. Their privacy statement is here.

Analytics Cookies

Like most web sites, we use analytics tools to help optimize the site for our visitors. We currently use Google Analytics (GA), which sets cookies to see which pages on our site you visit to help create aggregate usage data. No personally identifiable information (PII) is sent to GA. If you want to opt out of Google Analytics cookies for any site, see this Google help article.

Cookie Name Description
__utm(letter) Google Analytics cookies
_ga, _gat, _gid Google Analytics cookies

Partner Cookies

These are generically known as “third party cookies” – in that they are not set by FeedBlitz, but by partners that we may use. We partner with other vendors, including ad networks. It’s worth pointing out that disabling third party cookies won’t stop ads, but will make them less relevant. We do not send personally identifiable information (PII) to our third party partners.

To stop third party cookies in general, you need to change your browser’s settings. To change tracking for partners and ad services we use, see

Managing Your Cookie Preferences

For cookies that FeedBlitz controls, click here to manage your preferences.