Getting your emails to the inbox.

That’s what counts.

Flashy features and capabilities are exciting when choosing an email service provider (ESP). Fancy features don’t matter if your emails never reach your subscriber.

Deliverability is the rate emails are accepted by your subscriber’s Internet Service Provider (ISP)—think Comcast, Gmail, Yahoo. FeedBlitz’s deliverability is 99.8%.

The key to solid deliverability is reputation, both ours as an ESP and yours as the sender. And that means we can reach subscribers that other email services can’t.

Every client’s individual mailstream—that’s industry jargon for every email sent— feeds into FeedBlitz’s total mailstream. We keep a close eye on every one of those emails. Working with FeedBlitz means you can rest assured your emails are being delivered alongside the millions of high-quality emails we send every day for clients like LinkedIn, AT&T, the US Catholic Council of Bishops, and industry leaders like Seth Godin.

Our policy of closely monitoring our servers and our clients not only keeps our reputation secure, but also boosts your reputation as well, ensuring your emails get to your subscriber from the very first email you send.

It all starts with strict quality controls.

Nothing ruins sender reputation more quickly than sending low-quality emails to junk addresses. Here are just three examples of what we watch inside FeedBlitz:

We check content.

If it won’t make it to the inbox, it will not leave our servers. If the content in an email triggers the FeedBlitz spam filters, the emails do not get sent.

We check subscribers.

No matter how a subscriber joins a list, all new subscribers are checked against our resources of known bad addresses. Third-party reputation resources are also used to ensure clients are only trying to email legitimate readers. Sending emails to stolen or purchased addresses not only ruins the reputations of services like FeedBlitz, but it is also a waste of your time and money.

When a list is flagged with bad addresses, a manual review follows. As part of this review, FeedBlitz asks the client to share are their subscription process. This process is then checked to ensure it follows best practices.

We check metrics.

Key quality indicators for every list of every client are monitored every fifteen minutes, every day. Any list that falls below industry standards is automatically paused. Before that list can mail again, it is manually reviewed. Any potential issues or concerns are discussed with the list’s owner.

This laser focus on internal quality greatly increases the likelihood your emails are accepted and delivered to the inbox.

Your reputation is our reputation and vice versa.

Those quality controls aren’t all FeedBlitz is watching and measuring. A lot is happening behind the scenes. The emails sent by FeedBlitz are sent across many email servers, and each of these servers has its own reputation. FeedBlitz uses various third-party services to track each server's reputation to ensure that your emails always arrive.

FeedBlitz also tests delivery to every major Internet Service Provider (ISP) every few minutes. This helps our servers keep tabs on whether ISPs such as Gmail or Yahoo accept your emails and sends an immediate alert to our teams if any issues arise.

This disciplined approach to reputation management ensures that you don’t have to spend weeks warming up an IP address.

Want to know more about our reputation monitoring tactics? Take a deeper dive into our deliverability standards. 

Our servers, not someone else’s cloud

Not all ESPs are created equal, but since a high standard of deliverability is our core value, all core technologies used to get your emails to the inbox are managed and monitored in-house.

  • FeedBlitz servers send your emails.
  • All FeedBlitz servers have individual IP addresses.
  • These IP addresses are FeedBlitz’s. They are not rented from someone else’s email servers. 

This means your emails are sent by infrastructure designed by FeedBlitz, only for FeedBlitz.

Your emails won’t be sharing space or reputation with anything managed outside of FeedBlitz’s control.

This is why FeedBlitz:

  • stops bad emails before they are sent.
  • prevents bad email addresses from being mailed.
  • monitors every email server around the clock.
  • monitors every list throughout the day

One bad apple can easily sour the crop, but by contrast—a lot of solid, excellent apples can only serve to better the whole crop. That’s why when you send an email through FeedBlitz. You’re backed by the millions of high-quality emails we send and support day in and day out.

We send with all the authentication acronyms: SPF, DKIM and DMARC

Have you have ever seen an email that looks like it’s from one of your contacts but isn’t? That is email spoofing, and it is a big problem. FeedBlitz uses email authentication to prove to ISPs that all emails sent to your subscribers are authentic in origin. Email authentication is yet another way we ensure your emails make it to your subscribers.

You can learn the details of these authentication policies here. 

Additionally, you can take this a step further within the settings of your FeedBlitz account. Our support team of email experts is more than happy to help you with this step. Adding your domain's authentication will ensure that emails sent pretending to be you won't make it into anyone's inbox.

Subscriber management automated for you.

Deliverability runs deep through the veins of FeedBlitz, and it’s no different when it comes to your subscriber management.

ISPs track the many ways readers react to and engage with your mailings. These actions impact sender reputation, so FeedBlitz automatically manages many subscriber management duties to keep your list happy and healthy.

Many ESPs leave these duties up to clients, but with FeedBlitz, you never have to deal with these headaches and fuss.

When you are winning the inbox with FeedBlitz, you can rest assured knowing:

  • Hard bounces and unsubscribe requests are processed immediately.
  • Persistent soft bounces that occur for more than three mailings in a row over two weeks are automatically removed.
  • Single opt-in is a privilege earned only after an account has established a strong mailing history.
  • Dual opt-in is the default subscription method and is always mandatory for places where privacy rules such as GDPR are applied.
  • Automated rules and filters stop spambots and junk addresses from subscribing to your lists.
  • Role accounts (e.g., info@ or sales@) are unable to subscribe to any FeedBlitz-supported mailing list.

You don’t pay for addresses that can’t receive your email, and all of this is done on your behalf to help you grow and maintain a healthy, thriving mailing list!

Get ready to Win the Inbox. We’ve got your back.