Feature-rich APIs at your fingertips.

FeedBlitz offers a variety of API options to enable developers to create in creating a customized, scalable email marketing solutions for their clients, application or services.

So you can Win the Inbox — programmatically.

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Our Simple, Transactional and REST APIs are designed to be highly flexible for developers to easily create tailored solutions to their email marketing needs, including:

 Creating and sending campaigns through your own interface

 Developing a robust transactional mailing structure to support your site

 Tracking and monitoring your efforts through an in-house database

 Working with custom subscription form solutions

 Automating subscriber management

 Designing a white label solution for your OEM

The FeedBlitz Simple API: Helping you (or your clients) grow your lists.

Easy to use and even easier to get started with our sample PHP to jumpstart your process, the FeedBlitz Simple API is an excellent starting point for those looking for simple customization and basic integrations.

Ideal for automating subscriber growth and management tasks, the Simple API uses three endpoints, an API Key, HTTP Headers, and SSL Standards. The team has also provided multiple examples for you throughout the documentation to streamline the process even further.

With the FeedBlitz Simple API, your integration will be up and running in no time.

The Transactional Mailing API: Industry-leading deliverability at your service.

When you have transactional emails — receipts, opt-in confirmations, important account reminders — that *need* to get to your customers or your client’s customers, FeedBlitz’s Transactional Mailing API is ready to deliver.

FeedBlitz deploys strict policies, procedures and processes which enable us to maintain our industry-leading deliverability of 99.8%. We closely monitor and manage our reputation with ISPs, and our in-house servers, so you don’t have to.

The worries surrounding whether these important emails will reach their destination or not is a thing of the past. Rest assured they’re getting to the inbox with FeedBlitz.

The FeedBlitz REST API: Maximum power and customization.

The FeedBlitz REST API is our most complex and powerful API available. With this API, you can create access to a variety of FeedBlitz features programmatically, which allows you to dynamically include FeedBlitz data and functionality into your own applications.

While maximizing power, this API is designed to minimize the number of queries the caller needs to make to generate a useful dataset. Meaning the user can easily access many of the core resources available within the FeedBlitz UI.

It’s comprehensive integration on your terms. Let’s get to building.

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