Different Forms for Different Pages in WordPress

Have you ever wanted different subscription forms for different pages or categories in your WordPress blog?

Sidebars do not always have to contain the same content. From our perspective, changing a sidebar is useful if you have individual mailing lists for each category, and want to put the right subscription form in the right sidebar.

I recently visited Wordcamp in North Canton, OH and discovered a powerful plugin that accomplishes this easily without extra PHP coding.

Download the plugin “Widgets on Pages” and activate (although the plugin shows as not being updated in over 2 years, it still works properly).

On your WordPress blog’s admin page, navigate to “Settings > Widgets on Pages” in the main menu.

Depending on how many pages/posts you want different content on, enter that number into “Number of additional sidebars.” (This can always be changed). Then name the sidebars.


Go to Appearance > Widgets and see that the new sidebars are added.

Drag and drop a text widget into each new sidebar.

To add a different form for each sidebar, copy and paste the different form codes FeedBlitz provides into the text widgets.

Example: For Category A’s mailing list, add the sign up form for that list into the Category A text widget.

Notice there is a snippet of code under the sidebar titles.

[widgets_on_pages id=ÔÇ£Category AÔÇØ]

Grab that code and place anywhere in the text editor of your Category A page.

Follow the same steps for the other categories.

Only pages/posts containing the extra code snippet will contain the sign up form from the corresponding text widget.

There are other approaches to getting different forms on sidebars, but this one (using “shortcodes”) is simple and effective.