If it moves, automate it.
If it’s automated, optimize it.

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Save time and effort by automating campaigns,
follow-ups, subscriber management, and more.

The more actions you can automate with your email marketing the better, leaving you to focus on other items to grow your platform, brand or business.

If it moves, automate it. And if you can automate it, optimize it. That’s the FeedBlitz way.

Automated RSS to Email Campaigns:
You post an update. The email sends, automatically.

Create and send updates automatically with RSS to email.

Send subscribers new updates as they’re added to your site or on a set schedule you choose, without having to login and manually create the campaign every time. That’s the beauty of RSS to email.

And FeedBlitz has the most powerful RSS to email capabilities on the market, ready to put them to work for you.

RSS-powered emails are no longer the one-size-fits-all approach to automated emails. With FeedBlitz you now have full control and flexibility over the layout, template, the sending schedule, and content automatically sent to your list. 

Welcome to Funnels:
Going beyond the simple newsletter campaign.

Take your repeated emails, email courses, or your top evergreen content and transform them into a well-oiled, self-sufficient email marketing machine. And that's the gift of funnels, also commonly called autoresponders or drip campaigns.

Funnels can be single or multi-email sequences, which are sent based on the actions subscribers take. Examples of emails you can run automatically include: 

Image of a silver metal funnel on a painted blue wood background.

 Welcome Campaigns

 Sales Funnels

 Online Courses

 Getting to Know You Emails

 Ecommerce Follow-ups

 Marketing Funnels

 Complementary Posts

 Email Challenges

 Forever Funnels

Subscriber Management:
Target your list while keeping tabs on all subscribers.

A globe showing the location of possible subscribers in different locations.

The larger your list grows, the easier it is to lose touch with your subscribers. And this is where a dynamic, easy-to-navigate dashboard to quickly sort, tag, track, and target subscribers can help.

What’s even better, once in place, a subscriber can automate a portion of their own management, such as tags, groups, and connecting funnel campaigns, based on actions they take from the moment they subscribe.

Four ways FeedBlitz automates your subscriber management are:


A static list of email addresses to shape mailings, complete bulk subscriber updates, or sync with a third party system.


A dynamic expression of subscribers used to email based on those subscribers' engagement, tag or custom field.


Easily upload lists of emails to suppress to stay in compliance when running paid or promotional campaigns for affiliates.


Quickly edit and resend previously sent or scheduled mailings to subscribers who didn't open the original campaign.

Ready to optimize your email marketing?
Let’s get automated.