Email Marketing 101, Part 2

When to Start Email Marketing

In the previous Email Marketing 101 post, I talked about why email marketing is vital.

Today I’ll talk about when – when to start your email marketing efforts.

Good news! It’s a one word answer:


No, I’m serious. Don’t delay because “I’m not big enough” or “I don’t have enough traffic.” You simply don’t know when and which subscriber will be the one that buys from you, spreads the word about you, or invests in you.

Look at it this way. As you start out, you’re building pages; thinking about SEO; looking at analytics. You’re generating traffic to your site. Every time you don’t give a new visitor the chance to subscribe, you’re losing the opportunity to reach them again. All that traffic is simply going to slip through your web site’s electronic fingers and be gone.

While you delay, how many visitors have you missed out on? Hundreds? Thousands? More? All of them could have become a subscriber, willing to be educated, persuaded, converted by you. But they’re not.

Without email, they’re lost to you, possibly – no, probably – for ever.

Don’t be that site. Don’t let all the visitors you’ve worked so hard to get, get away. Don’t miss those opportunities.

Instead, find a way to have your visitors say “I like you. I really, really like you” by having them subscribe to your list (remember, email engagement is at least 20x better than Facebook).

The when, then, is NOW.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about how.

[This is the second article of a short, four part series on Email Marketing 101.]