Email Marketing 101, Part 4

How to be Successful with Email Marketing 101

The previous three articles in the “Email Marketing 101” series dealt with three core concepts:

  1. Why you should be email marketing;
  2. When to start email marketing; and
  3. How to start email marketing.

But email marketing isn’t an end point, or a static goal. It’s an ongoing process. While automation can and does yield significant benefits, you still have to make certain commitments to be successful.

If, however, you’re an avid blogger or content marketer, meeting these commitments isn’t going to be a big deal. To finish up the series then, here are some basic steps you need to keep on taking in order to be successful:

  1. Email regularly and predictably; we recommend mailing your list at least weekly.
  2. Listen to your unsubscribes; they’re telling you something. If you’re losing readers, offer weekly digests or content-focused lists as alternatives.
  3. SEO principles apply to your subject lines: Make subject lines short, compelling and keyword-rich.
  4. Make sure your emails look great on phones and tablets. If your template isn’t responsive then ask your email service’s support service for help updating it.
  5. Metrics matter. If you’re an avid consumer of your Google Analytics data for your site, are you doing the same for your mailings? You should, at least monthly.

Get these sorted out and you’ll be well on your way to establishing and growing a terrific email list consisting of engaged and loyal subscribers. Good luck!