Making the Most of FeedBlitz: Email Your Blog’s List Without a Blog Post!

Click to download the 'Making the Most of FeedBlitz' e-bookDo all mailings from FeedBlitz have to be blog or RSS-powered? No! Sometimes you want to reward your email subscribers with a special offer, have some breaking news you want get out ahead of schedule, or have a deadline you want to remind them about just before it expires.


To send an email blast to a list using FeedBlitz you:

  1. Pick the list from the site navigation
  2. Click the large green “Send a Mailing” button
  3. Choose the type of mailing you want:
    • ??On Demand” lets you pick posts from the feed, sort them and then push them out.
    • ??Newsflash” sends a dedicated blast with out an entry in the feed.
  4. For a Newsflash, create your content in the editor (optionally based on prior newsflash mailings, if any), preview it then send it out.

Newsflash content is treated like a regular automated mailing, in that it is formatted with your list’s template. If you have dedicated HTML markup where the regular template is inappropriate (e.g. a sponsor’s custom ad, or an event mailing), you can disable the template in the editor and / or preview screens.

Suppression Lists

If you are blasting your list on behalf of a third party sponsor, they should provide you with a suppression list. This will contain email addresses that have opted out of their emails before, and whom you shouldn’t email their content to, even though they’re happily opted in to your list. Upload suppression lists by choosing Publisher Tools | Suppression Lists from the left navigation.

To use a suppression list, pick it from the drop down under the newsflash mailing editor or on-demand post selection page. Its use is recorded by FeedBlitz so you can send that report to your sponsor, if necessary.

Warnings, disclaimers, quid pro quos: Not that you would dream of it, of course, but just in case: Don’t be tempted to import from a suppression list into an active mailing list. Suppression lists contain fake email addresses that are monitored for abuse. You will be busted, and your account at FeedBlitz will be immediately suspended without refund when you are caught.