Weekly Top Posts: 2014-04-20 and more...

Weekly Top Posts: 2014-04-20

Announcing A Virtual Easter Egg Hunt!

So excited to announce a collaboration with Sivana for the Easter weekend! We are doing a virtual Easter egg hunt starting at 9am PST.

Yes, you read that right. The challenge is to look through our articles and find the eggs…once you do, you’ll be able to click them and get a discount code to use on sivanaspirit.com there is a $100...

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Yoga And Diversity: A Documentary

This is a fantastic 4 part documentary that explores the relationship between race, economics, sexuality and religion in the western yoga culture.

I have asked many of these same questions, and it’s great to see it so well done in this video.

For instance, is it narrowing to only think of white, upper class women practicing yoga?...

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How “Doing Less” With Yoga Helped Me Lose 30 Pounds

How "Doing Less" With Yoga Helped Me Lose 30 Pounds

How Yoga Helped Me Find Myself

Last night I pulled into the jam-packed, gym parking lot. As I began to slowly ease into the lot, I stopped, waving for a muscular man in his sweat-drenched tank top to pass through. Clutching his protein shake, he slowly trudged towards his car, grunting every step of the way.

I drove a few feet further, only...

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20 Ways To Test Your Spiritual Development

20 Interesting Ways To Test Your Spiritual Development

Where are You in Spiritual Development?

Everyone is always growing in all possible aspects of life, with or without the new antioxidant drinks.  We grow physically, financially, emotionally, etc. 

A growing child is curious to measure how tall he has grown, and often keeps on checking. 

Similarly, although we all have...

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