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Profile and Preferences

Every FeedBlitz user - whether publisher or subscriber, whether using email or IM or social media - has a login at FeedBlitz. For subscribers, the underlying account is automatically created with a randomly assigned password when the subscription is created.

Every user at FeedBlitz can control their own information and preferences. The profile section controls the email address that FeedBlitz sends updates to, and allows you to define and change your FeedBlitz password.

On the preferences page you control whether you prefer to receive plain text instead of HTML email, and whether you wish to keep your email address hidden from publishers whose lists you are subscribing to.

Privacy and Anti-Abuse Policies

FeedBlitz has a strict privacy policy that can be accessed via any page on FeedBlitz also has a strict anti-abuse policy along with multiple mechanisms by which abuse is proactively prevented and also, should it be detected, aggressively dealt with.

If you have reason to suspect that FeedBlitz services are being abused please contact us immediately.