Facebook "Like" Button in Emails

FeedBlitz now adds a Facebook “Like” button to post-driven emails by default. Added at the foot of each email, the Like button extends the reach of Facebook’s social media graph to your email list, increasing the number of opportunities for your post to be “liked” and spread around Facebook to a larger number of user Walls than would otherwise be possible.

Because of the way email works, “liking” a post in email is a two step process. This ensures that a page isn’t accidentally liked by a bot, anti-virus software or email link filter. The subscriber has to confirm the like on a web page shown by Feedblitz, which includes the original post along with the Like button itself. The reader can be sure that thay’re liking the right article and that the like itself is genuine. This also increases page views to your blog and gives you extra opportunities to monetize the visitor online or direct them to other pages on your site — even if your mail includes full posts which may not normally yield significant click through rates.

You do NOT have to have a Facebook “Like” button installed on your site or the relevant page for this process to work; FeedBlitz takes care of that for you. You don’t even need to be a Facebook user yourself! But given so many people are Facebook users it is a great way to increase your site’s visibility within the service.

You can change whether Feedblitz displays the “Like” button in emails at Newsletters | Settings | Content Settings | Tracking and More.