Junk Email, Fake Link, Now What?

Hi there.

The email you just opened, or link you just clicked, was not sent by FeedBlitz. It was junk, sent by an unknown third party who is not using FeedBlitz to send their emails or manage their RSS feeds. FeedBlitz hasn’t been hacked; we just didn’t send you that email or generate that link. And if you got this link in an email, since we did not send you that email, we can’t unsubscribe you from it. If you’re here and want to stop spam like the email that brought you to this page, or hate hackers tricking you with phishing links at malware sites, we think that’s great and we sympathize. We want that too! But we’re sorry; we can’t help you. We didn’t send that email or make that link.

Bottom line: If you’re here, the email you’re looking at isn’t a genuine FeedBlitz email, or the link isn’t a genuine FeedBlitz link.

So: How did you get here?

But there’s a FeedBlitz link in the email, in the feed, on that web site! Yes. Yes, there is. The spammers who are trying to trick you do not use FeedBlitz. But they are using a bit of FeedBlitz to camouflage their links. This makes you think that the email (or link) came from FeedBlitz, a reputable email service. But … just because there is a link to FeedBlitz in the email, or on that site, it doesn’t mean it’s ours. It isn’t.

You got here because we really, really hate spammers and hackers. We don’t like them trying to trick people. And we really don’t like them trying to trick people by pretending to be us.

Remember that bit of FeedBlitz they were trying to hide behind? We are now using that against them, and helping you by not letting you click through to whatever junk site is trying to fleece you, infect you, or do whatever no good it’s up to. Which explains why you are safely here, and not on some icky web site trying to harm you.

So … What?

  • FeedBlitz didn’t send you the email or generate the link, that got you here.
  • FeedBlitz hasn’t been hacked, either.
  • We can’t unsubscribe you, because we didn’t send the email to you, if that’s how you got here.
  • Bad people have tried to trick you by abusing a feature we make available to genuine web site owners.
  • And you’re here because we hate spammers and have stopped them.

Next Steps?

Delete the email. Update your anti-virus software.

If you’re a FeedBlitz client or subscriber then you should not see this message from an email that actually was sent by us, or a feed managed by us. Contact support (link is in the top menu bar) if you need further help should our algorithms have incorrectly blocked a genuine link of yours.