Referrals are indeed the best form of compliments.

Referrals that come with the potential to earn money are even better. Outstanding deliverability and enhanced email automation are why clients like you turn to FeedBlitz. If you recommend our services to your network, clients, colleagues, and friends, and those individuals follow through by joining the FeedBlitz family, we want to compensate you. It’s as simple as that.

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Why join the FeedBlitz referral program?

If you go to a dentist or hairstylist you enjoy, it’s common to want to share the expertise you’ve found with others looking for the same services. Your email marketing provider should be no different.

We believe that referring your network to FeedBlitz is the strongest vote of confidence you can offer in us as service providers. Our team strives to nurture your network’s ongoing use of FeedBlitz with the same care and attention that you have grown to know and love to make each referral through our referral program a success. A recurring revenue share for these referrals is our way of saying thank you.

The best approach is in recognizing, rewarding and strengthening your relationship with your network, and that is the ultimate goal of the FeedBlitz referral program.

Asking yourself: “What about my other partnerships?”

Not only do we run a referral program of our own, but our service is fully supportive of your affiliate programs. As long as within agreed-upon terms of your affiliate contracts, you are welcome to use FeedBlitz to email affiliate information as often as you’d like.

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Maximize your earning potential.

There are no limits to your revenue potential. Once an referral program member, you’ll earn a revenue share every month while the referral’s account is in good standing. The more referrals you bring us, the more you can earn over time.

The larger the client you bring in, the larger the earning potential. Not only because of FeedBlitz’s tiered pricing structure but because the commission is greater with larger clients as well.

Billed Amount Tier 1 Referral Commission Tier 2 Super Referral Commission
< $5.00 10% 5%
$5.00 – $19.99 20% 5%
$20.00-$99.99 30% 10%
> $100.00 40% 10%

For example, if in one billing cycle you had three referrals which signed up, and the billed amounts to each client were $4, $24 and $120 your commission would be $.40 (10% of $4) plus $7.20 (30% of $24) plus $48 (40% of $120) for a total commission of $55.60 that month.

Should a client you referred become a referral program member themselves, you receive a commission on sales referred to us by that client. These are super referral (tier 2) earnings for you.

If this client becomes a referral program member and they then bring FeedBlitz a customer with a monthly bill of $25, your client earns $7.50 in tier 1 referral commissions (30% of $25), and you earn $2.50 (super referral commission: 10% of $25). This is in addition to your referral commission that you earn from your client on a tier 1 referral basis.

Getting started with the FeedBlitz referral program.

It only takes a few easy steps to start referring. All FeedBlitz clients have a personalized referral link and access to banners and more to encourage greater referrals.

The most successful FeedBlitz referral program members have used a mixed approach of passive promotions, such as on-site and paid advertising, banners, and so on, with active marketing to your network, such as video promotions, webcasts, and email messaging.

When a new publisher signs up for FeedBlitz thanks to your referral, you’ll be credited with a share of their future service fee revenues as long as their account is in good standing.

It truly is that easy to start referring and earning.