FeedBlitz in Action: By Users for Users

This post marks the first of a new series written by Feedblitz users for Feedblitz users. On Wednesdays we’ll be sharing guest posts from Feedblitz users, providing real-world examples of Feedblitz in action. These guest posts are opportunities for you to learn from other Feedblitz users and even get tips to help improve your blog, email and online marketing.

Jason K for FeedBlitzToday’s guest post is written by Jason Konopinski.

Since the launch of my site way back in 2010, I’d used Feedburner as my RSS and email subscription service.

It had always been the simplest (and generally the most effective) way for bloggers to offer subscription options to those consuming their content, either via email delivered directly to their inbox or through an RSS reader of their choosing.

Then things started to break.

My subscriber numbers started fluctuating wildly, and social shares through my various Triberr tribes had fallen dramatically.

Seeking Greener Pastures

Re-syncing would fix things briefly, but the inconsistency definitely left me with a bad taste in my mouth. And while I don’t have a staggering amount of email subscribers, I still put stock into my list. After all, you never know when a reader might turn into a client, business partner or close friend.

Inaccurate reporting from Feedburner had me seeking greener pastures and I didn’t want to think about how many readers had dropped away because my content stopped showing up in their reader or inbox.

Making the Switch

But I’m what you might call stubborn. I soldiered on, thinking that Google would sort out the issues and improve the reliability. Silly me. Finally, in September of 2012, I made the switch to Feedblitz and I’ve been happily using it every since. Luckily, I made the switch right in time as it was just a month before the scheduled deprecation of the Feedburner API.

FeedBlitz is the only third party service to match FeedBurner with both RSS feed services (feeds, analytics, metrics and so on) and it has a much richer array of email and social media subscription services for your blog. Making the switch was straight forward and uncomplicated. Nothing was lost and I even picked up some very cool new social features for blog syndication.

Professional Grade

For example, if you wanted to subscribe to my blog via Twitter, Feedblitz generates an @mention to me. This happens whenever a new post goes live. These are the kinds of diverse and customizable content delivery options that initially caught my attention and my loyalty as a paying subscriber.

Yes, Feedblitz is a professional-grade tool that carries some cost. I treat that minimal fee (scaling based on email subscribers) as an investment into the quality of my readers and into my business. I’ve always believed that you get what you pay for when it comes to using free tools. Consistent and accurate delivery of my latest posts to my most valued readers means leads and conversions — you know, the stuff that makes me money.

Your blog’s subscribers are the ones that you don’t want to lose. They are your most ardent fans and supporters of the community that you’ve built, and to me, they’re worth a great deal. Feedblitz has ensured the posts I spend time writing, for the benefit of my readers, actually get there. Case in point: while researching this post, I was able to lay out some templates for lead-nurturing campaigns using auto-responders and advance list segmentation.

Your readers are worth it. Don’t skimp.